MWPHE, Inc. will award up to three (3) Professional Development Awards in the amount of up to $2,000. Winners will be selected from women employee applicants of each sector: University, State University, and Community College.
Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
-How does the proposed activity enhance your professional/job development, and how does it fit with your career path? (45 points)

-How does your participation in the proposed activity relate to the mission of MWPHE? (35 points)

-How do you propose to share with the MWPHE community what you learned through the proposed activity? (15 points)
-Legibility, clarity and completeness of the application. (5 points)


The Student Achievement Scholarship Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of female students who are educated in the Massachusetts public higher education system. Since 1992, MWPHE has awarded scholarships (up to three awards in the amount of $1,000 each) to women who have overcome significant personal barriers to achieve academic success through our Commonwealth's public institutions. The life stories of our nominees have been courageous and inspiring!
MWPHE invites your recommendations of currently enrolled female students from your institution for the 2017 MWPHE Student Achievement Scholarship Awards. The students chosen to receive scholarship awards will be honored at our annual spring conference. Please encourage students to apply!
Included with this online application you will be required to submit the following:

An essay describing how Public Higher Education has provided access to your educational goals

An unofficial transcript with minimum GPA required of 3.0.

A minimum of two letters of recommendation from a faculty or staff member describing your background, barriers overcome, and achievements.


Do you know a phenomenal woman on your campus? Does she go above and beyond the call of duty? Do you admire her? Does she inspire you? Is she a highly regarded individual who works tirelessly on behalf of your college community?